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The 5 steps to practice a liberal profession related to medicine in Dubai

Medicine in the United Arab Emirates is very advanced and modern. There are many top hospitals and clinics in the country, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Healthcare facilities are generally equipped with the latest medical technologies and are run by qualified and experienced doctors.

The United Arab Emirates also attracts many doctors and health professionals from many countries, which helps to strengthen its health system. There are also many medical research and health care centers in the country, which aim to develop health care and promote medical research.

The healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates is largely funded by the state, citizens benefit from free or low-cost medical coverage. There are also private coverage options for those who prefer higher level health care.

There is also an alternative health system, such as traditional medicine, which is practiced by qualified and experienced doctors. Traditional doctors focus on preventive care and the use of natural remedies to treat illnesses.

Thus, the country being attractive, many people ask us to find out how to become a practitioner in one of the many medical or paramedical fields, in particular both in classical medicine and in alternative medicine, physiotherapy or other practice related to medicine affecting the field of aesthetics

1- Creation of the file at the DHA

The first stage of the process, and to bring all the elements related to the previous activity, but also to the course of teaching of the discipline whether it is university or not. Indeed, in order to be able to create a file with the DHA (Dubai health authority) which is the government entity in charge of health, it will first be necessary that the file is complete which can be the subject of a shuttle between the practitioner and the DHA, so that the latter obtain all the necessary elements.

2- the validation step

The second stage comes after a waiting period that can last up to 3 weeks, this stage therefore validates your achievements, and will lead either to obtaining a license corresponding to your activities, or as in most case in an exam (this may also depend on the candidate's nationality or titles).

3- Possible examination

The third step is to pass an online exam through the "" platform, indeed the exams are online and in order to avoid any possibility of corruption, the platform is relocated. However, in general, the exams do not present great difficulties for the candidates.

4 – The professional or commercial license

The fourth step looks at people who have been issued the license following their success in the exam, and can now carry out their activity in the Emirates. Thus, people holding the DHA license have several options, including opening their medical practice, which will require a commercial or professional license, but also a regulatory room whose space must be validated by the DHA. Another option is to work as independently, however in an already established medical practice, this solution also requires obtaining a commercial or professional license.

Finally, a last possibility lies in the fact of being an employee either in the public sector or in the private sector.

5- Residence permit

The fifth step therefore depends on the fourth, indeed if you decide to practice independently, with a commercial or professional license, the visa, the residence card, the opening of the bank account will be taken care of by our services. On the other hand, if you are an employee of the public or private sector, the employer will have to take charge of the procedures related to the visa and the residence.

Akram Cheik, Lawyer

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