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Business setup, Legal consultation & Litigation in Dubai

The NextCap firm puts its expertise in  different areas of law at the service of your establishment in the United Arab Emirates.

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Lawyers by training, we put our years of experience in Europe and the Emirates at the service of European companies wishing to set up in Dubai.

Our partnership agreements with ARAA ADVOCATES also allow us to assist you in litigation procedures in Dubai.

With our multidisciplinary team, we are able to offer you a tailor-made service taking into account the particularities of your project as well as the implications of the internationals tax treaty. Learn more 


From the creation of a company to the administrative procedures related to the installation on site, we take care of everything to facilitate the success of your business.


Our skills


The firm's primary training is law. We can therefore be a privileged interlocutor for all legal questions, particularly in terms of law: Criminal law tax law, business law, labour law, real estate law

and contracts law.


The firm accompanies you for your all your procedures: our team will assist you with your administrative procedures, in particular to open your company ,obtaining residence visas, , opening a business bank account. 


The firm specializes in tax advice for expatriates, we will answer your questions regarding the taxation of dividends between the subsidiaries of your European holding companies or the exit tax. We are able to quickly create subsidiaries in the Emirates of your holdings.


Taxation of crypto currencies

The Nextcap firm advises you on the legal regime and the holding and exchange of your assets in virtual currencies in the United Arab Emirates. We also advise you on the exchange of your digital assets into fiat currency.


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Know us

​Lawyers by training, we also support you in various areas of the right to Dubai. We assist many companies and professional athletes.

Our partners

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Join us

Our team is at your disposal for any information, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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