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Dubai Holiday Scams

Scams linked to the alleged sale of hotel stays for an annual package are often perpetrated by unscrupulous companies who use the names of large groups without having any real affiliation with them. These scams frequently involve cold calling techniques in public places, sometimes even with visible premises, to give the appearance of legitimacy.

I - Broken promises and fraudulent contracts

These fraudulent companies make their offers even more attractive by claiming to offer options allowing the sale of stays, which can seem particularly advantageous. However, once the victim is convinced and makes payment, they often discover that the promises are not kept.

On a legal level, some of these companies sometimes go so far as to draw up contracts to try to justify their fraud. These contracts, although fraudulent, can sometimes create legal effects, in particular by offering alternatives in the event of unavailability in the chosen hotels.

II – The legal complexities linked to these contracts

It is important to emphasize that in case of doubt or concerns regarding travel or holiday offers that appear suspicious, it is recommended to take additional precautionary measures. Individuals facing such situations may consider contacting professionals for appropriate legal advice, for example, by turning to firms such as Nextcap or Araa Advocate.

The legal complexity exploited by scammers lies in the fact that, once an individual has signed a contract, it is generally valid in its terms and conditions, thus making the sums difficult to recover, except through a procedure before a civil court. Scammers take advantage of this complexity by offering installment payments, making it more difficult to recover funds, because once the contract is signed, the validity of its clauses comes into play.

In conclusion, vigilance prior to signing contracts linked to travel offers is essential, and in case of doubt, you can consult us in order to be able to set up a rapid investigation into the legitimacy of the company in question, or in order to to recover the amounts already committed.

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